ImageThe "Spartacus: Vengeance" premiere took place at the Arclight Theater in Hollywood tonight (Jan. 18th) and Zap2it was lucky enough to nab a spot on the red carpet. We got to chat with the cast about nude scenes, intrigue and setting each other on fire. We even got some info on Craig Parker's (Glaber) favorite drinking game.

Peter Mensah, who plays Oenomaus talks to us about exploring his character's back story. "Three years ago, we didn't know that we'd have the chance to go back in time on our characters. I didn't know too much about where he'd come from. Getting to shoot the sequel was a blessing because I got to actually explore him. I think the audience gets to know him as a human being as opposed to this stoic, chiseled impassive character. This season, things fall apart and you get to see him as vulnerable for the first time." He says he can't say more than that or "they'll beat me up more than they already have!"

Nick Tarabay who plays fan favorite Ashur tells us that nothing is as it seems this season. "He goes from one level to another very rapidly ... whatever you think you know about "Spartacus" or the characters of "Spartacus," forget it. Forget about what you saw. You're not going to hear about this from anyone else. The people that you love, you're going to hate. The people that you hate, you're going to love. And just when you think you've got it figured out, it changes again."

Viva Bianca who plays Ilythia says her character is on a "roller coaster from hell" the season. "She's a princess fallen from grace. She finds herself living her nightmare." She says that the lighting people on the show are amazing and that they're very protective of the actors during the nude scenes. She said you never get used to them and that she's actually a very shy person. Nothing at all like her scheming character.

Star Lucy Lawless who plays Lucretia talked a bit about her workout routine, saying she exercises three times a week to keep in shape for those nude scenes. But, she says, "they fix us in post. If somebody gains a few pounds, they squeeze the image. I love it! If you've got scars, they airbrush them out. I'm loving the modern world."

Katrina Law, who plays Mira tells us that this is a great show to be naked on. "They light you well, they pose you well, they do all this stuff with makeup and lighting and editing. They really protect the actors on this show. If there is a bad angle, I know I really did something to piss someone off." We asked how they keep the lighting crew happy. "Give them a shot or a case of beer at the end of the week," she laughs

Liam McIntyre who took over the role of Spartacus from Andy Whitfield laughingly tells us that he almost set co-star Manu Bennett on fire. Manu jokes, "He's always doing something like that. Whether it be fictional or real! No, it was a scene with a catapult and it involved a fireball." He says it's in the final episode. McIntyre tells us there is no way we won't know what it is. Creator Steven DeKnight says that it's a really important scene, so that was all they could reveal.

Craig Parker who plays Glaber talks about doing his first nude scene of the series. "Watching all the other actors for the past two seasons - these wonderful, wonderful actors take their gear off and do it magnificently and look so beautiful, there is no fear." We joked about our favorite "Spartacus" drinking game, which involves a shot every time the word "accent" comes up. He tells us his. "I did invent a drinking game for this show. Every time, in the background, when there is a gratuitous breast or penis, you drink." We point out that you'd be drunk in five minutes. "Yes! You should all play," he laughs.