It's that time of year where AUSXIP is gearing up for our annual Charity Auction to benefit The Starship Foundation!

This is our 6th Auction since 15 December 2006. Help us raise money for The Starship Foundation in New Zealand. Since 2006 we have raised money for Starship and other charities we have raised close to $90,000 (to be exact $88,682.60).

What goodies have we got? Whilst I was in New Zealand last June, some very special items were donated by Lucy Lawless, Rob Tapert, Viva Bianca, Katrina Law and since then we have received more items to be auctioned off.

100% of the money raised goes to Starship.

- Autographed A Good Day Script with photos and notes. Photos of Lucy, Renee, Karl and others from that episode. It was donated by Lucy and Rob and autographed by them both. SUPER RARE AND EXTREMELY UNIQUE

- The AUTHENTIC and original mask worn by Viva Bianca in the Spartacus Season 1 episode "Whore" - Lucy donated it, Viva and Lucy signed it and I accepted it with glee. It still has the markings on the inside where the Sparty crew made adjustments for Viva. Signed by both Lucy and Viva on the inside of the mask.

- This item truly made my eyes bug out - Season 1 DVD signed by EVERYONE on the cast and some from the production crew (except for Andy Whitfield). There are 14 signatures on it. A SUPER RARE item

- Autographed Spartacus T-shirt including Andy Whitfield of the main cast!

- Renee O'Connor Autographed DVDs and Photos

- Autographed photos from Xena, Spartacus and other roles by Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor

- Costumes and Jewelry worn by Lucy Lawless and Adrienne Wilkinson

- Hard to find books by Writers from the Xenaverse

- Autographed artwork

- Autographed t-shirts from the entire cast of Venice The Series with Crystal Chappell, Adrienne Wilkinson and more.

- Photos and much more

there is something for everyone. I will have a complete list of items a few days before the auction starts on 21 March.

Stay tuned of more!

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