Lucy has been charged with burlgary. Wow, charges of Burglary? That's just ridiculous. She occupied the ship and the worse was trespass. She didn't destroy or steal anything from the rust bucket of a ship.

The only thing she "stole" was time. Time from Shell to destroy the arctic. Get real. I guess Lucy is a big fish and they want to appear tough since their security was non existant which allowed the protesters to board the boat in the first place. What else is non existant in their arctic endeavour?

Thumbnail image for 1freelucylawless.pngLawless charged with burglary after ship protest

Seven protesters, including actress Lucy Lawless, have been charged with burglary after police ended their occupation of an oil drilling ship in Taranaki today.

The Greenpeace activists had spent three nights onboard the Noble Discoverer, owned by oil company Shell, which they said was heading to the Arctic to drill.

Police said at 11am that they had sent "a couple of officers" on to the Noble Discoverer who climbed the drilling tower and asked the protesters again to come down.

They were held at New Plymouth police station this afternoon while charges were decided.

Greenpeace said this afternoon that police had decided on a more serious charge of burglary, despite a lesser offence of 'unlawfully being on a ship' was available.

It says no property was taken or damaged during the occupation.

"This chapter has ended, but the story of the battle to save the Arctic has just begun," Lawless said, before being arrested.

"We will continue to stand in solidarity with the communities and species that depend on the Arctic for their very lives until Shell cancels its plans to drill in this magical world, and makes the switch to clean, sustainable energy."

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