Image634659197869208984Greenpeace activists are claiming support from hundreds of thousands of people for their Port Taranaki protest aboard the Noble Discoverer.

Seven activists boarded the drillship after eluding security at the New Plymouth port about 7am on Friday to protest Shell's plan to drill exploratory oil wells in the Arctic.

One activist was arrested after climbing down on Saturday and a supporter was arrested on Friday.

Celebrity protester Lucy Lawless and five Greenpeace activists remained at the top of the 53-metre-high drilling derrick yesterday.

Greenpeace spokesman Steve Abel said the group was in good spirits.

"They had a bit of a tough night but they are bolstered by the good weather today and they woke up to a magnificent view of the mountain," he said.

Greenpeace claim that since the protesters boarded the ship, more than 120,000 people worldwide had contacted Shell's CEO, Peter Voser, calling for the cancellation of its plans to open up the Arctic to oil exploration.

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