Image634657010172031250 TV3 News covered today's protest and brought up the subject that Lucy will have a criminal record after this (!). They interview Lucy via telephone and ponder how 7 protesters could get past security for the ship

Protest Bold Career Move For Lawless
TV3 News

Actress Lucy Lawless and a group of Greenpeace protesters are refusing to leave a Shell Oil ship berthed at the port of Taranaki, after they breached security to occupy the ship's drill tower.

The Noble Discover, due to sail to the Arctic this weekend, has been contracted by Shell to carry out drilling work in the Arctic - something which Ms Lawless and Greenpeace protesters find unacceptable.

“I'm a mother and a human being and I feel very strongly that fossil fuels are terrible for our grandchildren. And what kind of mother would I be if I did not fight like a tiger for the well being of my kids?" says Ms Lawless.

Ms Lawless and her fellow protesters made easy work of the Port of Taranaki security, sacrificing a decoy for arrest which allowed them to reach their target.

“The reason we took action this morning was to stop the drilling rig from leaving New Zealand and heading 6000 nautical miles to the Arctic to drill for oil,” says Greenpeace spokesman Nathan Argent.

Greenpeace says there are 90-million barrels worth of oil in the arctic circle, and that is where they should stay.

“We really need to start weaning ourselves off our dependence on oil and start moving towards a cleaner, smarter way of doing business,” says Mr Argent.

Shell says it is disappointed that Greenpeace has chosen this method to protest, and that it jeopardises the safety of everyone involved.

The company maintains it has taken unprecedented steps to pursue safe, environmentally responsible exploration in shallow water off the coast of Alaska.

But Greenpeace does not see it that way and say they will continue to occupy the vessel, and embarrass Shell.

The move is a bold career move for the Ms Lawless who is big in America – a country that takes a tough line on anyone with a criminal record.


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