The latest Greenpeace Magazine (Summer 2012 Issue)  has an update on the Stop Deep Sea Oil - No Drill No Spill Campaign. Lucy has been involved in erecting a giant billboard outside her home in Auckland and the photo on the left is of her standing in front of it. You can find out more about Lucy's active role in the Stop Deep Sea Oil NO Drill NO Spill Campaign by visiting the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless subsite AUSXIP Lucy Lawless No Drill NO Spill subsite

Greenpeace Magazine - Summer 2012

The Greenpeace volunteers who assisted with the Rena clean-up
are determined that the penguins, dotterels, albatross and other wildlife that perished should not be forgotten. Using the birds and oil our volunteers cleaned up from beaches, a series of striking artworks entitled “oil on canvas” were produced and shown around the country to communicate the true impact of oil spills. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we’ve been able to air television advertisements featuring the artworks, resulting in thousands more Kiwis joining the campaign.

We are seeing a groundswell of momentum building. Throughout the summer, Greenpeace activists have been on the beaches gathering petition signatures, while supporters around New Zealand have put up ’Stop Deep Sea Oil’ billboards on their properties. However, the Government and multinational oil corporations are pressing ahead with risky plans to drill at depths even greater than those involved in the Gulf of Mexico spill.

Petrobras, whose East Cape oil exploration was confronted by the Stop Deep Sea Oil flotilla last year, was recently involved in a major crude oil spill off the coast of Brazil. Shell, responsible for a horrendous legacy in Nigeria, wants to drill for deep sea oil off the Taranaki coast.

And Anadarko, which had a 25% stake in the ill-fated Deepwater Horizon, has its eyes on Taranaki, Canterbury and even the Great South Basin – an area with conditions regarded as so hostile that even ExxonMobil withdrew its interest in drilling there.
A chilling insight into their mindset aired on TV3 news, when an Anadarko executive claimed “there is a great argument that global climate change ... has actually been a real positive. We have less people freezing to death even though we have some that are dying.”

Meet the corporations coming to a beach near you, at our Government’s invitation, to drill at depths far greater than anything occurring in New Zealand waters today. It’s up to us to stop them.


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