Image634687316091406250The Boston Herald spoke to Lucy on 29 March about the upcoming finale of Season 2 called "Wrath of the Gods". Lucy's role as Lucretia has undergone some major pain in this season and this article addressed them and asked what we can expect. Here's an excerpt and a quote from Lucy about what it was like to play this role:

Lawless' Roman matron Lucretia has spent the season struggling for survival amid shifting alliances. She's been revered as a conduit to the gods, suffered numerous sexual assaults and tonight schemes to free herself of an arranged marriage to a man she loathes.

"I've never been pushed so far, way beyond the limits of my experience -- the multiple rapes and the cruelty are so outside my realm of experience," Lawless said. "It's a rare privilege for an actor. It was not always comfortable and sometimes it was downright unpleasant. Yet it was a professional pleasure. As actors, we live for these roles, filled with savagery, and even the cruelty had a weird beauty to it."

Source: The Boston Herald

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