Image634688169229169922 The Boston Herald interviews Lucy after the Season 2 finale Wrath of the Gods. Here are some excerpts:

“There are very few upsides to being married to a producer, let me tell you, but knowing where your character is going is one of them,” Lawless told the Herald earlier this week in a telephone call from Auckland, New Zealand. “I had to know. Everything I had played all season had to lead to this.”

The second episode, in which she sacrificed a goat and believed a prophecy that she would be delivering a child to her dead husband, set in motion all her subsequent actions.

As for taking Ilithyia’s (Viva Bianca) baby, Lucretia “felt like it was her baby — she engineered it (she brought Spartacus and Ilithyia together in season one). Ilithyia was the incubator for the child, and when she delivered it, she was done with her.”

Lawless defends her character. “She started out as a very relatable human being. She didn’t want to throw those Nazi parties, but her husband wanted them and she wanted to please him. It was a slow transmogrification, but she was corrupted, absolutely, and her husband’s death was such a loss for Lucretia.”

On the subject of what's next for Lucy now that Spartacus has ended she says:

Lawless plans to return to the States soon for some meetings to figure out her next project.

“I’m just so grateful to have had the opportunity here. It really helped bring me back. People can write you off after a show like ‘Xena (Warrior Princess),’ saying, ‘She belongs to the ’90s.’ This really got me out there, and I’ve grown so much and I’m extremely grateful for this platform role.”

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