This article from TV Guide Online had me laughing at the prospect of Lucy and Marissa in the arena! I would pay to see that happen. Here's the excerpt of the article that featured all the cast of Spartacus Vengeance:

Bring On Bruce Lee! The Stars of Spartacus Pick Their Weapons and Wingmen

TV Guide Online
29 March 2012

All men face the threat of death, but the Spartacus: Vengeance cast has faced it on a regular basis through their characters on the show.

Going into the epic finale Friday (10/9c, Starz), we asked the actors to reflect on what it must have been like to be placed in Spartacus' sandals and had them weigh in on two very important subjects:

Lucy Lawless as "Lucretia"

1. If you were dropped into the gladiators' arena, what would be your ultimate weapon of choice?

2. Who would you pick as your wingman in the arena?

Image634687320923437500Weapon: I would have that fabulous weapon that that guy had in Drive, where he had that stiletto knife with some sort of nerve agent on it that totally put them to sleep immediately. But I would want it on a pike because... a staff would give you such an advantage. I'd have a lethal staff.

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Image634687328535625000Wingman: I'd take Marissa Jaret Winokur from Hairspray because we might lose but we'd have a bloody wild time doing it. Just a bit of razzle dazzle. We'd do showtunes and sashay out of the arena. I met Marissa doing Broadway doing Grease together.



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