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NZ HERALD 01 March 2012 Readers' Forum

Lawless’ actions a selfless effort

It is not important what Lucy Lawless’ relationship with Shell was in the past, and focusing on that now is predictably small-minded.

While such a focus looks only at the small picture, the big picture of environmental damage and exploitation by huge, rich companies continues around us, apparently unheeded by those who would rather criticise than do something constructive.

I applaud people who are voicing their concern in emails to Shell executives, and am proud to have joined the ever-growing ranks of nearly 200,000 New Zealanders who are taking such positive action.

I also thank Greenpeace and Ms Lawless for spending their time and energy to draw national and international attention to the important issue of drilling for oil in the Arctic.

How much more encouraging and effective it would be if those with only disparaging comments about Greenpeace and Ms Lawless would harness all that negative energy and use it to do something positive for the planet for a change.

— Michelle Perkins

The Taranaki Daily News 02 March 2012

Normally I wouldn't post something like this but the matter is serious so I felt in necessary to add the Taranaki Daily News correction. This was on page 5 of the news.

The Taranaki Daily News yesterday ran a story speculating about the effect of a possible burglary conviction on Lucy Lawless’ acting career. This speculation should not have been attributed to Greenpeace spokesman Steve Abel.

The Dominion Post 02 March 2012


Given that the police prosecution of actor Lucy Lawless on burglary charges rather than a charge of unlawfully being aboard a vessel has created a firestorm of international condemnation, it seems that the tradition of no political intervention in police operational matters should be reviewed and reviewed urgently.


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