Randall was a guest on hour 1 of the Cathie and Kelly show on mytalk 1071 yesterday (Sat March 10th) and mentioned Lucy briefly. (The audio file is available on demand.):


Interviewer: "Is there a celebrity that you've got to meet out of all of this?"
Randall: "I have been able to have this fantastic friendship & relationship with Lucy Lawless for some time now. Yeah, she actually appears in one of these videos that we did: The Crazy Honey Badgerette of NZ and it was such a pleasure. I mean she's so fantastic. Just such a thrill to work with and so funny."

The elusive, gross, crazyass honey badgerette (whom we later named, "Lucy") is seen here for the first time in its natural habitat. Its strange eating and sanitary habits are finally caught on tape. It is ruthless, disgusting and absolutely lawless! The film was shot throughout the South Island of New Zealand.

news submitted by Barbara Davies

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