Image634687308614531250The Boston Herald spoke to Lucy on 29 March 2012 primarily about the Spartacus season finale which is on tomorrow called "Wrath of the Gods" and she was also asked about the Save The Arctic protest and the court case next week in Taranaki.

Lawless and a handful of other Greenpeace activists are due in court next week to face burglary charges for their nonviolent occupation of an oil ship at Port Taranaki, New Zealand, last month to protest proposed drilling of the Arctic. If convicted, Lawless could face a prison term.

“I have tremendous faith in the courts here. They’re very sensible,” she said. “A lot of people feel that protest was justified. I am your average educated New Zealander. This (sort of protest) is not just for tree-huggers any more. The average person cares.”

Source: The Boston Herald

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