Well well well isn' t the body count on Wrath of the Gods something to behold. I've never seen a show completely kill off a good portion of it's cast before (usually that's done by the studios when they kill a show).  Won't review the final episode - you can read the reviews here and here but take a different approach and review the characters.

: 7 Core cast members have died: Lucretia, Ilithyia, Glaber, Onomaous, Ashur, Seppia, Mira

Lived:  6 core cast members have lived: Spartacus, Gannicus, Crixus, Naevia, Agron, Nasir,


Lucy Lawless as Lucretia

Deceased / Not Returning for Season 3

Mini bio for Lucretia
Lucretia is the Roman widow found alive in her ruined villa, having survived the bloody gladiator revolt that took the life of her husband, the gladiator owner Batiatus. The traumatic devastation that was visited upon her has upended her world and her mind struggles to adjust to a new reality. Where once she and her husband maneuvered to ascend the social ranks of the Roman hierarchy, Lucretia is now left alone to hang on and merely survive.

For me this season has been Lucy's show; no doubt about it. She reigned supreme from the moment we saw her as the batsh*t crazy Lucretia with no marbles to the very end. Vengeance was indeed hers. I'll admit I absolutely adored this character even when she was being vindictive and manipulative. There was something about Lucretia (other than the fact that a favourite actor was in the role) that made me like her. This season was brutal on poor Lucretia.  I wasn't thrilled with the rape arc and felt it had gone over the edge (for me personally) but Lucy Lawless did some of her best work. I've watched Lucy in various roles for the last 15 years and this role took her out of her comfort zone and when that happens Lucy turns in spectacular performances. She's VERY good at being the strong character but she also excels when put in a vulnerable position (go and hire the movie The Darkroom. Lucy plays Cheryl, the abused and alcoholic wife - BRILLIANT performance). LOVED her work in Spartacus. Can't say I'm sorry to see her go because this show crossed several lines I wasn't prepared to watch and I stayed because of Lucy's brilliant work.

Lucretia kills Ilithyia AND her baby and finally gets her vengeance. She ends her life on a high (as Lucy tweeted) and she went to meet her beloved Batiatus in the afterlife. I sure hope the afterlife is ready to Lucretia.

Rating: 10/10

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