Steven is interviewed the AV Club site about the season finale of Spartacus Season 2. He is asked about Lucretia and these are some of the excerpts from the interview:

AVC: A good example of that is Lucretia’s survival at the end of Blood And Sand, something you’ve mentioned wasn’t originally intended. How did you decide upon Ashur as her savior, and how did that decision feed into the way he acts toward her as the season progressed?

SD: You know, I’m glad that Starz and Rob really came back to me and pushed to bring her back. I always tell the story about how I was adamant that she had to die, and the entire story was building to this. But the next morning I had a thought: “You know what? There are some interesting things we can do, and bring it to a conclusion that ties her to Ilithyia that I really like.” So, once I came to that notion, there was only one person who could have helped her. He was the only person left alive, and that was Ashur.


AVC: And in response to that, she turns to Lucretia for support. It seems every single time they interact, the power dynamic has somehow shifted. How difficult is it to add new shading to their scenes at this point?

SD: We love that from season one, in terms of the constantly shifting power dynamics. Who is in control? Who is actually telling the truth? And we always talk about how these are two women that desperately, desperately down in their hearts wanted to be friends. But they just couldn’t. It didn’t work out that way.

It’s funny, Lucy Lawless and I, at the end of the year while recording our commentary for the finale, we discovered that we had two completely different views of their relationship. It’s always been my thought in this season that Lucretia does sincerely love Ilithyia. It’s a crazy kind of love. Lucy doesn’t think that at all. But it just goes to show you how you can imprint different things on it by watching it.

But we never found it difficult to switch the dynamics around constantly. They are two such fantastic actresses to write for—Lucy Lawless and Viva Bianca—that it’s just gold. As a showrunner, it’s something you always hope for but never really expect to happen.

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