Image634663519668437500Lesley-Ann Brandt (Lucy's co-star on Spartacus Blood and Sand and Spartacus Gods of the Arena) has written a blog about Lucy's Save the Arctic protest which got her thinking about how all of us can get started on become greener and more environmentally aware.

In 2009 Lucy took Lesley-Ann along with her to the Greenpeace Sign-On event in Vulcan Lane in Auckland on 18 August 2009. It was part of the huge Sign-On Campaign which began in 2009 and for the event high-profile New Zealanders all appeared to have broken their arms when they gathered in to launch the next stage of the Greenpeace Sign On campaign.

Sporting blue casts, in homage to John Key's January mishap that resulted in a broken arm, the celebrities gathered signatures on their casts and on the street for the Sign On campaign, lobbying the New Zealand government to commit to a 40 percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2020.

Lesley-Ann has written her blog about how you can help:

Image634663526019531250So the Greenpeace protest in New Zealand recently got me thinking. For those who don't know, co star Lucy Lawless and several other Greenpeace protesters occupied a Shell drilling vessel to try and delay it's departure for the Arctic. Shell has plans to start drilling in this pristine, delicate and extremely fragile environment and Greenpeace with the help of Lucy and hundreds of thousands of supporters, myself included, are saying "Hells No!". Why? Imagine an oil spill in one of the most remote parts of the world. Imagine the thousands of species both in the water and on land that would be destroyed or affected. Imagine the millions of dollars it would take to clean up a spill, dollars that could be spent on developing renewable energy. Because that same oil they are desperately trying to find, will only end up as fuel emissions further adding to the Global Warming problem we have. It seems incomprehensible that 3 years worth oil is worth destroying one the most beautiful places on earth. Thinking about it, we are the only species who have the capability of destroying its own habitat, but we also have the intelligence/science not to.

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