Oil plays a crucial part in our everyday lives, as has been pointed out by many since Lucy Lawless committed the selfless and very brave act of climbing the derrick of the Noble Discoverer, to delay its departure to the Arctic.

All the people who have made this point - perhaps redundantly - are, all the same, absolutely right.

Many of the items we need to live and enjoy our everyday lives are made using oil. But more importantly, in this country, and in many others, almost all goods are transported using oil-based products, oil is used to create energy, and by far and away the majority of people commute to work or school using fossil fuels.

This is where the problem lies, given that the world is about to lose the chance to stop the global average temperature from soaring - uncontrollably - beyond two degrees.

Lucy Lawless and the other activists did not climb the ship's drilling tower to try to halt all oil production. They made the climb to stop the oil majors from setting up new frontiers in their search for oil. The likes of Shell are pushing the limits of technology, targeting the storm-lashed pristine waters of the Arctic, and the deep water off the south of the South Island, in their search for more of what has brought the world to the precarious position it is in today.

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