$21,000. No that is not a typo. At the end of the AUSXIP Charity Auction on 27 March, the amount pledged via winning biddings came out to $20,022. Now that is a mind blowing figure to begin with. Double and then some of last year's auction amount raised for Starship of $9500.

I received the latest spreadsheet from Starship this morning from Jenni, the wonderful lady at Starship who I have been working with on this. In addition to the winning bids there has been just under $1000 given as donations.

Lucy Lawless is amazed and sent in the following message on 2 April 2012

To Mary and the fans: I have been very remiss...

In not expressing my humblest thanks for all your kindness to the Starship Foundation over the past weeks (and years). You raising over $20,000 for Starship this past week shocked me. Mary, you, your posse and the greater Xenaverse have challenged my own view on my career and it's place in the world.

I honestly just took the role of Xena because the chips fell my way. Ren and I acted the words that someone else put in our mouths and wore the costumes given us. We were paid pretty well for that time and we were grateful. But, and I think Ren would agree, we NEVER foresaw the kind of community spirit that has long survived the show itself. How could we? I do not believe there has ever been a precedent for this kind of fandom.

The Xena fans are beyond generous, beyond loving and ever faithful. No wonder Bill Shatner filmed the last Con. (When's that out, by the way?) Because of your Kindness to the Starship Foundation, the sickest children of NZ have been the recipient of so much love from afar. Please rest assured that every penny is appreciated and thoughtfully spent. Brad and his team are worthy members of our team.

I love you all! I wish you peace and laughter all the days of your life,

Yours truly,

Lucy Lawless

Starship is amazed. - Read Brad Clark, CEO of Starship, message to the fans on 30 March 2012

On behalf of Starship kids and families from all over New Zealand who will benefit from your support - a huge Starship Foundation thanks to all the winners and bidders in the recent Lucy/Xena memorabilia auction!
- Brad Clark,
CEO Starship Foundation

EVERYONE is amazed (myself included)

Thank you to everyone who donated, who bid, who won and who supported. I know it's not possible without your support, without the support of the actors/writers who gave of their time and energy.

It is also not possible without the support of my right hand, Roger who has been with me on this since September 2006 when the idea surfaced and Christa who also gives of her time and energy.

Thanks everyone.

Battle On!


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