Hey folks, did everyone see the Lucy message last night? Amazing what this fandom can achieve. We can move mountains and your generosity just proves we can achieve fantastic things. If you didn't win an item and would like to be part of the AUSXIP Charity Auction amazing total of $20,022 then you can donate as well.

Click here to read Lucy's messageClick here to read Starship CEO Brad Clark message

If you have not paid yet - click here How to PayDonate

Good news is that last week Jenni from Starship sent me the spreadsheet of payments and over the weekend, I matched it to the spreadsheet that I had. 90% of payments have been made. I think that's a record and even Jenni commented on how fast payments have flooded in! Imagine a sea of donations just streaming into Starship - in two days they got $15,716.67! How's that for a mental image. Now that is a lot of dinars!

This week shipments will commence if you have paid up till 30 March. I received another spreadsheet this morning from Jenni and will process them. We are running into Easter which means the next spreadsheet will come on Thursday and then we go into Good Friday and the Easter break. Starship takes a break then so if you haven't sent in your payment please do so before Thursday (or Wednesday US date) so I can get the info and process it.

If you won multiple items - the items may be in several locations (either in Sydney with me, in Seattle, in Los Angeles and a few other places where fans have donated and will ship out). We will try and combine items for shipping but sometimes that isn't possible so they will come in multiple packages.

You all know one of my favourite quotes is by Helen Keller:

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” -Helen Keller

You guys prove it each and every time! This fandom runs on love.

Battle On!


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