Today's Featured Video: Lucy Lawless narrates a PSA that discusses the differences between marriage and domestic partnership. Many people believe that domestic partnership is equivalent to marriage. This is not true. No on Prop 8 supporters urge the California Supreme Court to abolish the discrimination of Proposition 8.  Please support commitment and equal rights for all!
Starring: Lucy Lawless
Directed by: Karen Wilkens -
Written by: Jennifer Medvin -
Produced by: Karen Wilkens and Jennifer Medvin -
Edited by: Nicholas J Pavlovsky -
Camera: Nicholas J Pavlovsky, Jennifer Medvin, Victoria Walker and Linda Andersson. -




On November 4, 2008, America had an election and to the joy of many, Senator Barack Obama was voted in to become the 44th President of the US. That joy was tempered by the news that voters in several states voted for hate against their fellow citizens and gay couples will no longer be able to marry or adopt children (in one state). Lucy has come out in opposition to "Prop 8" and people are organising to protest and they have today in
record numbers.

Click here to view images & Video of Lucy attending the JOIN THE IMPACT: UNITE FOR LGBTQ EQUALITY! Prop 8 Protest 15 November 2008