Image634702897478671875Lucy and the Taranaki 7 go to court today (18 April) to face charges stemming from their peaceful Noble Discoverer Save The Arctic protest on 24-27 Feb.

Myself and thousands of your fans/supporters are behind you Lucy and your fellow protesters: Mike Buchanan, Shayne Comino, Raoni Hammer, Shai Nades, Vivienne Hadlow, Ilai Amir and Zac Penman (Zac got arrested on the dock which allowed the others to scale the derrick of the Noble Discoverer)

We are supporting you and your fellow Greenpeace Activists. You have spoken up for all of us who cannot speak up as loudly to be heard. 


The pristine and beautiful Arctic: Shell wants to exploit it for oil. We want it protected.

Drilling in this fragile ecosystem – home to the polar bear, narwhal, Arctic fox and other iconic species – is unacceptable. A spill or accident in these waters would be disastrous and the harsh conditions would make responding to such a disaster almost impossible.
Demand Shell stop their plans to put the fragile Arctic and its biodiversity at risk

378,352 has sent letters to Shell to Save The Arctic

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