Image634697242909628906The NZ Herald has a list of top Kiwi tweeters and Lucy was missing from the list. They asked for people's favourite and of course, Lucy's name was sent in. The following is the write up about it.

Lucy's on the front page of the NZ Herald this morning.

Lucy Lawless actress/activist


Followers: 21,690
Following: 41

Lucy Lawless became a global icon for her lead role in Xena: Warrior Princess but is rapidly gaining a profile as an eco warrior. She was one of seven Greenpeace protesters arrested in February after spending four days demonstrating on board a Shell drillship at Port Taranaki.

Lawless brings a "unique blend of Hollywood goss and environmental activism" to the medium, writes Nick Young.

Tweeted: "Every NZer needs to know what the TPPA is. Sounds like toilet paper and probably is."

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