Lucy tweeted the following which earned her some attention from the Partially Examined Life site and they have dedicated a Personal Philosophy for the day to Lucy:




The following is from their site:

Longtime readers may recall a flurry of so-called Personal Philosophies let loose from this site ’round the end of old ’10. While every one of these was cherished and beloved and wrapped in a special extra-thick paper and put in the bottom of an ornate chest and filed under “H” for “heirloom,” that does not mean that everyone liked the idea of a web site attributing something offensive or silly to them.

So I’m rebranding this to make it clear right here in the not-fine print that these screeds are not to be mistaken for the actual alleged beliefs of the recipient/target, but are rather a special gift, a free service, providing a philosophy to said individual, which does not imply that this individual is in need of this service or would be dumb enough to adopt this, or that the philosophy in question is meant to comment on his or her character, visage, or soul.

Today’s entry is dedicated to Lucille Lawless, who wrote a provocative tweet about us and donated some cash.

In gratitude, I of course immediately overstepped my proper bounds to hit her up to be a guest on the show. I will accept the indefinite deferral she sent in response as better than a rejection; this was a favorite romantic coping mechanism in my younger years.

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