Image634707567497314453The following article is from the Sunday Star Times in New Zealand 22 April 2012.

ACTRESS LUCY Lawless says the three days she spent occupying a drilltower on an oil ship as part of a Greenpeace protest was an ''extreme event'' in her life.  Lawless last week appeared in the New Plymouth District Court, under her married name, Tapert, facing a charge of burglary for her actions on the weekend of February 24 when she and seven other activists climbed on to the Noble Discoverer, at Port Taranaki.

And the experience of spending three days on top of an exposed drilling tower, with only nuts, dried fruit and chocolate to eat, is still fresh in the mind of the actress.

''It goes in waves . . . I guess your system is running on a lot of adrenalin, so when you come down off it there are a couple of wonky days,'' she told Sunday magazine.  Earlier she told Fairfax Media she had no immediate plans to take any further protest action and was not concerned a conviction would affect her ability to travel.

She said she was more afraid of what would happen if the world didn't change its practice with regards to fossil fuels.

Lawless and seven other Greenpeace activists were remanded on bail until May 3.



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