Will there be a Xena Movie; the Xenaverse has been wanting this movie since the end of A Friend In Need Part 2 and the campaign for one has been non stop since.

I'm in the camp that says if they create a Xena movie now, Lucy and Renee will not be in their rightful place and that is no Xena movie at all. No Lucy Lawless and no Renee O'Connor FORGET ABOUT IT.

If they do create a Xena movie is is more than likely they will not pick up from FIN 2. They will create it for the masses which means a "re-imagining" of the series which can mean to appeal to a broader audience rather than the fanbase. That's how Hollywood works. Look at what Hollywood has done to Charlies Angels, Bionic Woman, Wonder Woman (that tv show didn't even make it the screen, it was so bad) etc.

Yes let's have a Xena Movie but only with Lucy and Renee in their lead roles. Anything else is a dud in my book.

Lucy has been asked (quite a few times) on @RealLucyLawless - her official twitter page about this and this is her response:

You can follow all the news about the Xena Movie ongoing campaign on AUSXIP Xena Movie news subsite which has been following the news about a possible yes/no movie since 2001 and officially went live in 2003 - we live in hope for a movie with Lucy and Renee but that hope has faded with each passing year. Hollywood reality has set in.

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