I found the idea of a Xena Radio show quite fascinated and ask Ron to tell more about it. See below and go and visit. I do love unique sites that go outside the box.

Lucy Lawless is a talented actress and singer. Her angelic voice along with the Emmy Award winning XWP soundtrack is celebrated on the newly launched – Xena Radio.

Additional content includes original show promos, classic quotes, and Xenite requests for some of today’s hottest hits. Broadcasting around the clock, Xena Radio is a steady online companion when you’re on the computer at home or at work. And you can take your warrior princess soundtrack on the go with a friendly app for your iPhone or Android.

Future features include: Xenite Playlist Spotlight – where Xenites can share their individual taste in music. Cast & Crew Playlist Spotlight – where they can share what gets their groove on. And the ambitious goal is to pick up where FIN left off. The dream is to produce a weekly radio drama series continuing the adventures of the beloved Xena and Gabrielle.



Twitter @XenaRadio