By MaryD

Rating 10/10
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Date: 27 May 2012

Image634738406450689375Well I'm back home from one of the most exciting long weekends I've ever had. Where to begin; where to begin.

Let's talk about a girl named Lucy Ryan from Mount Albert.

It takes talent to perform and a whole lot of guts to perform in front of an audience. That is a given. Now it takes another form of courage to be able to do this in front of your own neighbourhood. These are the people that have seen you grow up. Have seen all your goofy antics, your friends. Who may not follow what you do in your career but now they come to see you perform.

In Lucy's case that is exactly what she did. She was going to perform in front of the hardest crowd ever to impress.
Firstly mega kudos to the fans who flew in from the UK, the US, Australia and other countries. They created a buffer of love in the front rows. It was like a giant security blanket.

The rest of the guests were a mixture of people from family to old friend and neighbours. Outside of family who will love her no matter what, the rest were there to have their eyes opened to the performer Lucy has become.
She came to impress and was dressed to get their attention. Mission accomplished. From the moment Lucy stepped out on stage she owned it. It was a very strong performance and her voice was the strongest I've ever heard it. The vibe in the room was different to any other Lucy concert; fans bring an adoration vibe and their love reaches Lucy (not quite sure how to explain that vibe). This was a different vibe. I felt it ripple down from the front which was rather interesting. There was an expectation; not knowing what Lucy would do, not fully understanding how much she has grown as a performer. Not sure what but it was there.

I was perched midway into the room. Why? well in the middle and off to the left because that's where the fireplace was. The fireplace had the advantage of a ledge. That is where I parked myself for the evening; standing on a ledge head and shoulders above the crowd. Its not very often I could claim that happens but I was on a mission. That spot gave me the perfect view do the stage and to Lucy.

The video camera was parked on a tripod above me on a smaller ledge, I had my camera and the now 6'4 Jo (normally 6'2 but was wearing boots) was right behind me on the floor with her camera as second video. What a setup.

Lucy was incredible to watch. I love how she puts her whole heart in a song. I greatly enjoyed all the concert but the song that produced the shaky cam pics was her duet with Jason Kerrison. I just couldn't stop moving...a Mary a go go version. Good thing the place was dark and didn't notice the silly woman on the ledge. Lucy and Jason were incredible together singing Mercy. I remembered what I was supposed to be doing and stopped my fancy pants moves.

Lucy singing I Touch Myself caused two of her old friends to join her on stage instead of where they should have the crowd...while it was fun for them, it was taking away from Lucy and her moment. shoo ladies get down from that stage.

Lucy singing Your Heart Is As Black As The Night was fantastic. Loved her singing "Bitch" which got everyone rocking.
In between giving my camera a rest, I tweeted some pics for the folks on twitter that couldn't make it. My apologies for no closeups with that phone camera.

The band really came together and they were superb. Very impressed with Anika Moa and Julia Deans. What great chicks they were as well. Jason on keyboard and Scott Wotherspoon, the drummer looked like they were having a great time. Joe LoDuca was fantastic; first time I had met Joe and it was fun. MC for the night was Priya Sami; what a great lady. The warm up act was Urzilla Carlson who was hysterically funny. Check her out on youtube. Let's not forget Jason Kerrison who blended with Lucy so well and their Mercy was just an incredible duet.

Did Lucy convince her home town? Oh hell yes. She sold out the Kings Arms. It was PACKED. I was stoked to watch the crowd from my perch. The comments afterwards were all good. I had to laugh when I overheard a couple gush about Lucy...the outfit didn't rate a mention but the voice did. What tickled me the most was the couple were from the neighborhood. Now that is mission accomplished.

Lucy the trooper went into the crowd after the concert ended and mingled; photos and hugs, autographs and catching up with the old crowd.

Remember Lucy Ryan? Well she's all grown up and is now rock chick Lucy Lawless. Impressed the neighborhood on Sunday night.

The night finally came to an end when we packed up and left around midnight...I think. I was buzzing too much to notice. It was a spectacular night and I hope you enjoy the photos and video footage taken by camera mothership and Jo on the other camera. Jo was focused on Lucy and the other camera was on the stage. Photos by Mary A Go Go. Many thanks to Harry, the manager of the Kings Arms for being so understanding and allowing me to stand on the fireplace ledge.

The report can't end with thanking the person most responsible for the evening and of course that is Lucy 'Rock Chick' Lawless. Dressed in leather from top to toe and looking gorgeous; this night belonged to the tall, blue eyed kiwi who wowed Auckland.

Thank you Lucy, a very memorable night.




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