had an article about The Comedy Awards and Lucy was mentioned. Randall, the guy responsible for the hysterical Honey Badger videos was nominated for Best Remix for his series of videos:

Bounding down with outrageous enthusiasm was Randall the Honey Badger Guy. Nominated for Best Remix, his video depicting a crazy nasty-ass honey badger eating cobras and wrecking havoc has been watched by over 44 million people. While the Honey Badger may not care about the plight of the kiwi, Randall assures us he does. "I love kiwis! They were meant [to] be in my latest book but they got scrapped for some reason. Poor kiwis, always get scrapped by nasty-ass publishers"

But it is a certain Kiwi who has stolen his heart. Spartacus star Lucy Lawless acted in one of Randall's videos and he can't praise her enough. "She's the best," says Randall. "Not even a honey badger could hate Lucy. She's totally one of my BFFs".

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If you missed this (how?), the video of  EXCLUSIVE: The Gross Honey Badgerette of New Zealand (original narration by Randall) is below (it's hysterical!). I love how Lucy just doesn't take herself seriously and that poor child! Just too funny.




and this one - Watch for Lucy entertaining her Talking Honey Badger Doll

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