Top Of the Lake mini-series that Lucy will be appearing in news. Looks like the mini-series will be screened on the Sundance Channel according to the Q&A excerpt below


Q&A With Sundance Channel's Sarah Barnett

By Kaylee Hultgren

Sundance Channel is following in AMC's footsteps and moving into scripted programming. In Wednesday's issue of CableFAX Daily Sarah Barnett, evp, gm, Sundance Channel spoke about the net's scripted programming strategy and its new series "Push Girls" (premiering June 4), which features beautiful, empowered women in wheelchairs. Here she talks more about the series and the channel's nonfiction slate.

You're launching your first scripted series "Rectify" next year along with a 7-part series "Top of the Lake." What makes these shows right for Sundance Channel?

"Rectify" is a very singular voice from an extraordinarily talented showrunner and writer called Ray McKinnon. It's a very distinctive tale. It's very character heavy. It's utterly compelling and unlike anything else on the TV landscape. "Top of the Lake" is directed by Jane Campion and it stars Holly Hunter, Elizabeth Moss--a much-loved AMC Networks talent--and a bunch of others...Peter Mullen, Lucy Lawless. It's a beautiful, mysterious, non-formulaic piece of television by a legendary filmmaker. So we have these 2 really big, really defining scripted projects, most of which are created by extraordinary talent that comes from the film world and is moving into television. And whilst that isn't a kind of a prerequisite for us, that it has to be someone who grew up in film, it sort of makes good sense where it can, to have that flow of extraordinary brilliant talent from film moving into television.


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