The following is a press release on of an upcoming one off stage production of The Agony & The Ecstasy of Steve Jobs:

A one night journey into Apple's core

One of the most controversial pieces of modern theatre becomes one of Silo's fundraising one-offs, when The Agony and The Ecstasy of Steve Jobs polarizes audiences on June 24th at the Maidment Theatre.

Mike Daisey pulls back the curtain veiling America's most mysterious technology icon. With a wickedly funny tale of pride, beauty, lust, and industrial design, Daisey illuminates the war-from China to Silicon Valley-over how we see our world, and the human price we pay for our high-tech toys.

As part of fundraising efforts for the 2012 season, the play's selection by the company stems from the resonance it shares with many other works that have been produced as part of Silo's repertoire. It stands as a piece of art in its own right (despite the controversy), while unearthing contemporary truths in modern society.

Part autobiography, part gonzo-journalism, part theatrical performance, Mike Daisey has lined himself up as a board-treading Michael Moore, as his previous monologues revolve around the likes of Nikolai Tesla and L. Ron Hubbard. His latest work not only shines a light on our love affair with the Apple product, but the factories in China where millions toil to make iPhones and iPods.

Some of the "facts" from the show became part of an expose on US Radio, with This American Life's documentary becoming the most popular episode, downloaded 888,000 times. A live performance of the show was also planned to be broadcast on WBEZ Chicago.

However, those "truths" were then discovered to be invented, or "half-truths." Facing a backlash from both the media and those that worship at the altar of Apple, Daisey's explanation was that he never professed to be a journalist, just a guy with a story to tell - regardless if he wasn't specific about what were or what weren't his personal experiences.

This one-off performance of this notorious work brings together some of Silo's illustrious veterans alongside some of New Zealand's most beloved personalities. Lucy Lawless, Oliver Driver, Jennifer Ward-Lealand, David Fane, Toni Potter, Nick D, Charlie McDermott and Simon Wilson all help to break up the monologue to perform this one-hander, subverting it in a style that has become synonymous with Silo.

Much like a must-see documentary, THE AGONY AND THE ECSTASY OF STEVE JOBS is critical theatre - and with one performance only it's even more important to book now.

"The best original American play so far this year" -The Washington Post.

"The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs," is a mind-clouding, eye-opening exploration of the moral choices we unknowingly or unthinkingly make when we purchase nifty little gadgets like the iPhone and the iPad." - New York Post


The Maidment Theatre

Sunday 24th June, 6pm.

Tickets: $50.00 (service fees apply)

Tickets available through Maidment Theatre - 09 308 2383 or