This morning Lucy tweeted about visiting the Rainbow Warrior memorial. on 10 July 1985, The Rainbow Warrior, Greenpeace's flagship, was bombed by French Government agents. One crewmember, Fernando Pereira, drowned after the ship was bombed. and to the arrest of the French intelligence agents who were charged with manslaughter and sentenced to 10 years. They served only 2.  In 1992 Lucy played the role of Jane Redmond, Rainbow Warrior Crew member in the movie The Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior.  Jane Redmond was the fictional character but the role was based on Bunny McDiarmid, a crewmember of the Rainbow Warrior. Bunny is now still in Greenpeace but is the Executive Director of Greenpeace New Zealand.

Bunny and Lucy worked together during the 2009 Greenpeace Sign On Campaign

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