Update: 13/06/12 5:43 AM

Taranaki Daily News 13 June 2012:
Lucy Lawless and other Greenpeace protesters will appear in Auckland District Court tomorrow, Greenpeace confirmed yesterday. Spokesman Jay Harness said the group would be in court at 10am. He was unsure of the charges but the Taranaki Daily News believes the charges of burglary will be withdrawn and replaced with lesser charges of unlawfully boarding a ship, the Noble Discoverer.

Update: 12/06/12

Update on this yesterday's news in the Taranaki Daily News that the burglary charge was going to be downgraded from burglary to the lesser offense of unlawfully boarding a ship. There was a mention of the possibility of the court case being moved to Auckland this coming Thursday where the 8 Greenpeace protesters (including Lucy) would plead guilty to the lesser charge and then be sentenced in September.

Lucy has tweeted that they are indeed going to the Auckland District Court on Thursday (14 June 2012):

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