If you are not following Lucy on twitter you are really missing out on some very witty responses. The woman is HYSTERICALLY funny. I think I'll post the funniest tweet of the day because some of them just have me roaring. I do have an archive of Lucy's tweets in Lucy Messages (that reminds me I need to update the May ones for the archive) but these are just going to be ones that just me laughing out loud.

This exchange is between Madeleine Sami who is going to the US to write an American version of her hit NZ Show Super City (that is just a hysterical show). ABC in the US are going to produce it. Read Here for more info - Madeleine has been talking about her US trip and today she tweeted. Lucy's response cracked me up. Another person to follow is Madeleine - VERY funny.



Follow Lucy on Twitter by going to http://www.twitter.com/RealLucyLawless

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