Xena.jpgHere's an interesting article about the US Army developing Xena inspired Body Armour for Female Soldiers:

The US military is developing "Xena: Warrior Princess"-style body armor for women that it hopes will give them greater protection on the battlefield, with more curves in the chest and hips.

It is a considerable engineering challenge to make body armor that better fits the bodies of female troops, US military officials acknowledge, and such armor may be years in the making.

"Some people would like to eventually make plates so it's like 'Xena: Warrior Princess' and conforms to the shape" of female soldiers, he adds.

Yet there are engineering challenges. The more curves the plates have, the heavier they get. It also creates potential weaknesses in the armor, like creasing a paper, Lozano explains.

"There are some complex curvatures that come into play with female hard-armor plates," he says. "I could make female hard armor, but it would be twice as heavy." As a result, some of the Army's developmental efforts involve "unique chemical designs" to create plates that are lighter and conform to different body shapes.

Currently, female soldiers have a choice of 11 male body-armor sizes.

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