There's a couple of Lucy mentions - one from her recent trip to Rio+20 Earth Summit where she met the fans at Pier Maua where the Rainbow Warrior III was docked - and the other was her first Auckland concert.


Image634769845637148437Get ready "lesbitarians!"
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By Jacqui Stanford - 2nd July 2012

Urzila Carlson, the woman described by Lucy Lawless as "the funniest Kiwi stand-up ever" will be the MC at Auckland's Lesbian Ball this weekend.

"Well actually I did that thing with Lucy Lawless," she says of Lawless' Girls Behaving Badly show in May, which also featured musicians Anika Moa and Julia Deans. "I didn't think it was going to be a gay gig, but wouldn't you know it, it was!" Carlson says of the crowd.

Before the show Lawless, a straight lesbian icon across the globe, described Carlson as the "funniest Kiwi stand-up ever," in a weekend newspaper. "I love her man, so I was blown away when I saw that. I was like, really?" Carlson says. "I didn't even think she would know who I was!"



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