Lucy's court case has once again been postponed. Now this is getting ridiculous. It seems Shell wants some the tune of $700,000. Check out Lucy's Tweet!  Voxy is reporting: The presiding judge has adjourned sentencing to November 22nd, on the basis that Police are seeking reparation. Greenpeace New Zealand understands that these are in excess of $700,000, and are being lodged on the behalf of Shell. Greenpeace NZ has insufficient detail to comment further, but it is likely that reparation will not be agreed to.

In the early hours of 24 February 2012 in Taranaki 8 fearless Greenpeace activists boarded the Noble Discoverer and scaled the derrick. They stayed up on that derrick for 3.5 days and by staying there they brought attention to the world Shell's plans for drilling in the Arctic. No longer was it a story relegated to the inner pages of the newspaper or deeply buried online. It shone a light on Shell's plans to be the first in a race to use up the Arctic's oil. Lucy Lawless used her name and her celebrity to such devastating effect that the whole world paid attention. That is not to take away from the rest of the Greenpeace protesters but if it wasn't for Lucy being involved, their valiant effort would have been overlooked.


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