1This is a bit of good news in the ongoing campaign to stop Shell drilling in the Arctic. It won't stop the company from achieving it's mission BUT it won't be doing anything about it this year.

On 24 February 2012, Lucy Lawless and seven Greenpeace Protesters (aka The Taranaki 8) scaled the Noble Discoverer's derrick to protest Shell's plans to drill in the arctic. This protest signaled the start of an ongoing campaign to halt drilling for oil in the pristine waters of the Arctic. All eight protesters pleaded guilty of trespassing. The sentencing was due to take place on 14 September but it was postponed after Shell demanded (via the police) Greenpeace pay $700,000 in damages. The court case will next be heard on 22 November 2012.

The following article is from The Guardian Shell postpones plans to start Arctic drilling until next year

Firm abandons efforts to start drilling before winter after test of protection systems fails to meet standard to gain permit

Shell has abandoned controversial plans to start drilling for oil in the Arctic this year after a final test of its environmental protection equipment failed to meet the standards required to gain a full drilling permit.

The oil and gas group said a new type of "containment dome" – designed for use in the event of a leaking wellhead – had been damaged during testing.

"During a final test, the containment dome aboard the Arctic Challenger barge was damaged," Shell told investors in an update on Monday morning. "It is clear that some days will be required to repair and fully assess dome readiness."

As a result Shell has been unable to secure a permit to undertake full drilling operations and will have to wait at least until after the Arctic winter to resume its efforts.

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