There are two photos this week for Lucy fans to have a look at.

l-10The first one is from the 2003 Dave Dobbyn Tour that Lucy participated in.

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You can find out more about Lucy's tour with Dave by going to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless The Summer Holiday Tour with Dave Dobbyn & Lucy Lawless music page




Image634832027770507812 Lucy photo backstage at the Bare For Christchurch theatre benefit to raise money for Christchurch.

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About Lucy's Character

Lucy's character....... well, what can we say, she took her position in the dark, lights out ready for us to see what she was going to do.  Lights up... and Lucy is bending over with her butt stuck up in the air at the audience as her character is peeing in the streets !!  (for those with keen hearing, you actually knew it was Lucy on stage by the groan she let out as she was peeing - think A Tale of Two Muses toilet scene)[Dressed in, umm, help, a dress, don't ask me about colour, a shade of green or was it grey but it was open backed] 

She proceeds to have an hysterical drunken "conversation" with an officer about men & women peeing in the streets, the rights & wrong, inequalities, I forget the actual words, but do remember her going from drunken character peeing & arguing to suddenly striking a goddess statue with grace & pose (and toned arms).   Read More

You can find out more about Lucy's role in Bare For Christchurch including photos and video by going to the
AUSXIP Lucy Lawless:  Lucy Lawless in Toa Fraser's BARE for Christchurch 25 March 2011 page


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