ImageParks and Recreation: Lucy Lawless Talks About Romancing Ron Swanson
The actress talks about her new stint in Pawnee and gives her thoughts on Spartacus ending.

Here at IGN TV, we were psyched to hear that Lucy Lawless would be appearing on Parks and Recreation this season, in a recurring role as a new love interest for none other than Ron Swanson, played by Nick Offerman. And when I spoke to Lawless on the set of the series recently, where she was filming her second episode, she quickly made it clear she shared that excitement. Even before we began our interview, she was telling me just how great a set it was and how happy she was to be working on such a funny show.

Sitting on the recently built Washington, D.C. sets (for Ben and April's new jobs this season), we went on to discuss what makes her character, Diane -- who makes her debut this week -- the kind of woman Ron would be interested in, why Parks and Rec is so great and a bit about the end of Spartacus.

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