There was a mini flurry on twitter this morning from Starship and later in the afternoon by Lucy about an upcoming Starship project. No word yet on what it is.

Firstly by Starship (with a photo)


and then by Lucy (we know Justin Bieber has been working with Starship and added his name to the upcoming For The Love Of Our Kids book which you can pre-order from Starship). So we know it's something new. I guess we wait and see what this new project is when Starship and Lucy announce it!



For those not familiar with For The Love Our Kids book...

Lucy now has several pictures in the book including a bit of a 'hero' spread in the middle - specifically for the fans.

Starship has been gracious enough to offer Lucy fans a sneak peek via AUSXIP of the photos featuring Lucy, her sons Julius and Judah, Koha and the kitten. These are just gorgeous photos!  Click here to view and order

For more news about Lucy and Starship, visit the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Starship News Page

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