Image634921338000594138This has been a project on the backburner for a quite a few months and it's finally been born. AUSXIP Video used to contain the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless video channels. I have now moved the entire Lucy video portion of AUSXIP Video over to the Lucy site. So far it looks and behaves normally but there may be the occasional glitch. The linked videos from subsites will now be fixed so everything matches. Older video posts linking to the original AUSXIP video Lucy portion will not work.

The new site will work just like AUSXIP Video so everything should be relatively the same. The only difference being is the entire thing is just Lucy videos.

If you encounter a problem, please contact me

I will now be posting videos that have been offline for a while (I was waiting to make the switch over) so you will be seeing lots more of the older videos like Battlestar Galactica, Veronica Mars, Boogeyman etc go up as well.

Click here for the new site