The following excerpt appeared in the News in Review in the Taranaki Daily News 01 January 2013

The Taranaki Daily News put the region in the world’s spotlight more than once in 2012, with a string of stories making waves offshore.

In February Lucy Lawless made the step from warrior princess to eco-warrior and with it gained global attention when she and Greenpeace activists boarded the drill ship, Noble Discoverer, at Port Taranaki. The protest spurred more than 120,000 people worldwide to contact Shell calling for the cancellation of its plans to open up the Arctic to oil exploration.

The Noble Discoverer’s departure was delayed and the activists were all arrested and are still before the courts waiting to be sentenced.

Photo caption: Protest: A police officer confronts Lucy Lawless, third from left, and other Greenpeace activists atop the derrick of the drillship Noble Discoverer in Port Taranaki.

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