lucyprotestThis is an interesting blog on the Greenpeace site from Jessica Wilson that featured Lucy

Every couple of months, something bizarre happens at work that convinces me I must have one of the strangest jobs on the planet.

And these moments often come in the form of a question.

Questions like, “Did One Direction’s tweet just break our website?” (Sure did.); or, “Do you think you could ask Lucy Lawless if she minds dressing up as Lady Justice when she scales Shell’s Arctic oil rig?” (In the end she stuck to a t-shirt and her climbing harness, but not before she dug out all kinds of costumes from her tickle trunk and we made a day of it.); or just last week, “Do you reckon we can make it to the North Pole in time to meet the Arctic Council when we’re there?” (So far, it’s looking good.)

So when my boss came to us and asked, “How do we take three million Arctic defenders and plant them on the seabed below the North Pole?” well, we didn’t even flinch.

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