The official Sundance site is showing some Lucy love by having a slideshow of Top 10 Reasons We Love Lucy (Lawless) and the official Top of the Lake Facebook page has released an episode still from Episode 5.

5. Caroline Platt, Top of the Lake

Lucy Lawless humbly Tweeted that viewers “may not recognize [her]” in her role as Caroline Platt, but we beg to disagree. Remember what we said about Lawless stealing the show wherever she goes? While her time on screen may be brief, this quiet, subdued, but determined woman wants to get to the bottom of something that’s been troubling her, and she knows just who to turn to for help. She might not have the flash and outsized personality many of us associate with Lawless roles, but don’t mistake that for thinking Caroline Platt is weak.

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Don't miss Lucy Lawless in Episode 5 of TOP OF THE LAKE, airing Monday April 8 at 10pm (US Only)

You can also view the video preview which I posted a few days ago.

Oops sorry you can see this? You need flash

More news and multimedia (when it becomes available) of Lucy on Top of the Lake can be found on the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Top Of the Lake  Subsite

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