Lucy tweeted (or retweeted) the news that she has done backup vocals to Mark Lint (from The Partially Examined Life blog) song “Things We Should Do”


The following is from Mark’s official site:

Music Blog 6/27/13: Things We Should Do. Written right now, originally with goofy lyrics, but then rewritten all serious. Featuring Lucy Lawless, Eric Schumann, Dave Roof, and Steve Petrinko. Hear the original goofy lyric version: Things You Should Do.


part of Mark’s Blog post about the song on the Partially Examined Life blog

was planning on singing the whole thing in a high, Prince-type falsetto, but then started thinking about female singers I knew that could do it instead. Back in 1994 I conceived of a whole chanteuse recording project where I would write goofy songs for some woman to sing and wrote several with names like “The Siz of Luv” and “Lust!” but never actually recorded any of them. So this was a revival of that idea, but the difference is that now I’m on friendly occasional emailing terms with Lucy Lawless, so I asked her to sing the song, she said yes, and I recorded a little video demo to send to her and started the recording.

Before I got very far into the recording, I had somewhat of a change of heart after my wife was pretty dismissive of the lyrics, and I began to feel that the music was actually good and deserved better than a parody song. So, knowing of course that I would now be partaking of the very thing I was ready to make fun of (that’s the “partially examined” thing rearing its head again), I did some soul searching and belched out a whole new, more nuanced melody with honest lyrics dealing with the constant knowledge that the person I love, not to mention I, will be checking out at some point, which is very weird. It now being no longer the song that I had pictured Lucy belting out to delightfully absurd affect, I asked if she would still be up for singing a backup vocal part, which she graciously did

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