Image635128451973090425First it was Shell who underestimated Greenpeace and Lucy Lawless and now it’s the Russians. The following is from Alaska Dispatch 22 August 2013.

Russians say Greenpeace too thin-skinned for Arctic operations: Russia to Greenpeace: “Go home, and take your Warrior Princess with you.” The nation you can actually see from parts of western Alaska has turned back a Greenpeace ship trying to get into Russian Arctic waters, where oil and natural gas drilling is set to take place next year.  The Russians said the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise does not have a strong enough hull to operate in the Kara Sea, north of western Siberia.  Greenpeace claims its ship is tougher than many of the vessels Russia has allowed to sail into its Arctic waters. 

The crew of the Arctic Sunrise wanted to shadow Russian oil giant Rosnet and Exxon Mobil’s joint drilling operation in the Arctic.  Greenpeace members, including actress Lucy Lawless – who played the title role in the 1990s mini-series, “Xena the Warrior Princess”, have repeatedly scaled drill rigs off Greenland and Northern Russia, to protest Arctic drilling.


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