Image635158283280307363Lucy will be seen on Parks and Recreation Season 6 Episode 1 on 26 September 2013 in the US.

For more about Lucy's role as Diane on Parks and Recreation Season 5 visit the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Parks and Recreation subsite

Here’s a mention in TV Guide on Parks and Recreation Cast Teases Five Big Moments in Season 6

3. Ron and Diane are going to have a baby:
The meat-loving, woodworking everyman has finally met his match in Diane, played by Lucy Lawless, who will return in the season premiere. But don't expect Ron Swanson to miss a step when he learns that his lady love is actually pregnant. "With all things, Ron doesn't get his panties in too much of a bundle," Offerman says. "He will deal with the birth of a new child with the same aplomb that he would treat any animal husbandry or gardening. Ron has a very solid disposition, so by and large, he probably will remain unflappable." But don't forget, there's also the possibility of this on the horizon.


and on 2 August 2013 they had an article about Who will be getting married in Season 6...(I’ve included the sections that deal with Lucy from various tvguide articles...)


Ron (Nick Offerman) and Diane (Lucy Lawless), who found out she was pregnant in the season finale, seem like the next likely candidates. Schur even called Diane Ron's wife in a recent interview with us, though clarified later that that was inadvertent. "They're in a similar position to Chris and Ann," he says. "Ron is very single-minded and very passionate about what he's passionate about. He's very definitive in his actions and I think that over the course of this season, you'll see that play out


Now that Diane is pregnant, will we be seeing much more of Lucy Lawless?
It's a little bit like Ben, only more so because she lives in New Zealand. It's not always up to us whether we can have her. She's definitely going to be on the show in some capacity because of that storyline. We kept that super top secret and we actually got all the way to her showing up on the set without her knowing what she was doing. She showed up like, "OK, what's the scene." "You're pregnant, here's the scene. You have two lines and you're pregnant." That's going to be definitely a huge part of the year for Ron.


Mike Schur said Diane was Ron's wife in your Parks and Recreation interview. Does that mean they're getting married? —Sampson
I went back to executive producer Mike Schur with that very query and he said his choice of words was likely inadvertent. But there could be a wedding in their future since Ron and Diane are having a baby together. "They are probably the next in line to tie the knot, given the events of the finale," he says.

For more about Lucy's role as Diane on Parks and Recreation Season 5 visit the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Parks and Recreation subsite

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