The ABC Broken Hill site has an article about the filming of CODE in Silverton and we get to learn more about Lucy's character. We knew, from Lucy's description of her character at DragonCon, that Lucy was going to play a teacher. We now learn that Lucy's character is called Alex Wisham (I think that's what I heard).  The article mentions that the role has taught Lucy a lot about Aboriginal people and their interaction with the law.

Lucy said: "It's an enormous subject that is handed really intelligently I think and honestly and respectfully at the same time,"

TV show centres around a truck carrying a mysterious substance crashing into a car carrying two Aboriginal teenagers, killing them. The mystery of the accident would have remained secret if it wasn't for two brothers - a journalist and a hacker.

Filming wraps up locally on Friday (04 October 2013) and the six-episode series is expected to go to air by the middle of next year.

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Listen to Lucy Talk About Her Character:


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