The following article appeared in The Rodney Times (New Zealand) 16 January 2014. Last Ocean: Documentary director Peter Young will be accompanied by Lucy Lawless and Dr Roger Grace at the Orewa screening on Saturday 18 January 2014.


Star To Attend Film Screening
Rodney Times (NZ)

16 January 2014

Plunge into frosty polar depths while staying snug at an outdoor screening of The Last Ocean.

Special guest Lucy Lawless, film director Peter Young, and marine biologist Dr Roger Grace speak at 8pm and the movie starts at 9pm.

Pre-show entertainment, food, coffee, bouncy castles, a children’s climbing wall and more are available.

The documentary includes footage of the Ross Sea in Antarctica, teeming with whales, seals and penguins.

The fishing industry is venturing into the last pristine marine ecosystem to fish for the Antarctic toothfish.

The film describes how environmentalists, commercial fishers and governments are going head-to-head over whether we fish the Ross Sea or protect it.

Green Party Rodney convener and marine scientist Teresa Moore says the event is to entertain and show people how special both Antarctica and our deep sea ocean are.