In January 2013 Lucy participated in the new Reality TV show called “Dine and Dash” and there was news and photos released at the table. Those present included Lucy, Joe Carnahan, Kate Walsh, Matthew Aaron, Common and Dermot Mulroney at Scarpetta Beverly Hills.

There was a series of tweets between the hosts and Lucy but no mention about what the dinner was about until they released the photo on their official Facebook Page to officially announce the guest list.

It seems the show has now been picked up by a UK company. See the video below. There is no sound. The clip features Lucy at the table with the other guests.

What is the show about?

Matthew Aaron (Comedian/Writer/Actor and host of the popular and cleverly named Podcast "The Matthew Aaron Show") brings his brand of ballsy, in-your-face humor and encyclopedic knowledge of films and TV to the small screen as Creator and Host of "Dine and Dash", a unique, independently-financed, multi-camera, unscripted, reality-based TV pilot which will give viewers a behind-the-scenes peek at Hollywood and fame through fun and entertaining stories told by some of today's biggest celebrities in an intimate dinner setting. The pilot will feature Aaron sitting down to dinner with 6 well-known celebrities at a local LA restaurant. They will be talking about whatever happens to be on their minds--from fame and fortune to love and politics. Whatever the topic, you are sure to be entertained - Source IMDB

Many thanks to Barbara Davies at AUSXIP Talking Xena for the news