In 2006 AUSXIP celebrated it's 10th birthday and Roger & I decided to hold a charity auction to celebrate this huge milestone and we chose Starship because it was near and dear to our hearts. The Xenaverse is about heart and the Greater Good (we EXCEL at it - over the last 19 years the Xenaverse has raised over 15 MILLION dollars for various charities). We dig deep and we help others less fortunate. What better way to celebrate than to give of ourselves and money? You all thought it was a great idea and have supporting the auction every year since then.

Since 2006 the support we have received from all of you for the AUSXIP Starship Auction has been EXTRAORDINARY. You have supported the auction through your words, your deeds and your contributions. I've lost count how many times I've been approached / emailed and have people donate their collections. We have raised over $110,000 for Starship since 2006. Pretty good eh?

Let me tell you about Starship. They are a SUPERB group of people from the CEO down. Brad and his team have worked with AUSXIP on every auction to help make the process run as smoothly as possible. They have gone out of their way to help. I've visited Starship HQ a few times and I can tell you, they are a hardworking team and the job they do is incredible. Yes the auction is a lot of hard work for the AUSXIP Charity team but at the end, when we see what goes to Starship and the good it does? All the hard work and tiredness is long forgotten and we prep for the next year!

Starship sent me this amazing video that I can now share with you all to show us what it means for them and they enlisted the aid of some very special kids. We were truly honoured and got a little teary after seeing it. This is as much for you, for all your support as it is for us. THANK YOU!

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